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You know you're addicted to salsa if:

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You know you're addicted to salsa if:

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:57 am

1- You never listen to radio anymore because all you listen to are salsa songs on your iPhone/iPod.
2- You cruise on Jumeirah street blasting salsa music.
3- You sing songs with words you don't even understand.
4- Salsa is better than sex.
5- When you travel, you book a hotel room closest to a salsa club.
6- You've abandoned your former friends.
7- Your family doesn't appreciate salsa and tell you off for listening to this repetitive rhythmic noise.
8- Your business meeting with your client ends up discussing your salsa passion.
9- You ruin all your shoes.
10- You imagine yourself in Hector Lavoe's shoes married to J-Lo.
11- You cannot imagine how your life would have been without salsa.
12- You play salsa at work.
13- You can't stand Merengue.
14- Your trips abroad are scheduled around salsa festivals.
15- You take your new date to a salsa party.
16- You tell your boss you're going to Cuba for business.
17- Club owners hate you for drinking water all night.
18- You bust out a salsa move while waiting in line for the restroom.
19- Your ringtone is a salsa song.
20- After you breakup, you go back salsa dancing like never before.
21- You use "Wepa" in normal conversations.
22- You bring a cuban band to play at your wedding.
23- You feel depressed if you haven't been dancing for 3 days.
24- If you're alone in the elevator, you watch the mirror to see how you look like dancing salsa.
25- You pay for non-alcoholic drinks but all your sangrias and mojitos are free.

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